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Melyssa Jaskiewicz
Vice President, Sales & Marketing
Sideline Sports, Inc.

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Sideline Sports, Inc.
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Our Privacy Policy: 

Sports Bingo (“the app”) (a product of Sideline Sports, Inc. (“we”)) takes a commonsense and transparent approach to privacy and security.  This document lays out what information we collect from our users (“you”) and how we use and share that information.

The app uses cookies to give you a tailored experience.  These cookies are essential for playing the game, and they contain no identifying information about you except internal identifiers.  If you disable cookies, you won’t be able to play the app.

In addition to this information, the app securely tracks information about how often you log in and where you log in from, so we can better protect your account’s security.  This information is not shared with teams or organizations.

The app may ask for your email address.  This is always visible to the teams you play with, but they will not email you unless you opt in or win a prize.  You can opt out at any time from all emails (except prize emails) by contacting the team directly.  The app will not send you an email unless you: (1) win a prize or (2) request a password reset.  Please note that you must supply an email in order to receive prize information if you are a prize winner.  If you have not given an email, you will be given the option to enter one then.

The app may, in the future, send automatic reminder emails before games to users who have opted in to updates.  If this happens, you will have the ability to easily opt out of these reminders.

The app may also allow you to log in with Google+ and Facebook.  These services offer a way of identifying you without requiring traditional email/password login.  The app collects your email address from these services, but the app will not post anything on your behalf or otherwise use any information we receive from these sources.  (You can always see the information and permissions the app requests when you authorize use with Google+ and Facebook.)

The app may make available Share by Text and Share by Email.  Please note that these operate using your device’s standard text messaging and email clients.  Standard text messaging fees apply, and these sharing mechanisms make your phone number and email (respectively) visible to recipients, just like any other text message or email you send.  (Note that this does not share your phone number or email with us.)

The app may track data about how long you play, as well as non-identifying information publically available to all sites you might visit (e.g., what browser and device you are using).  If we share this information with the teams you play with, it will always be done anonymously.